Graphic Design

We offer creative, modern designs that fit your industry or purpose. Our skilled graphic design team can help you with newsletters, magazines, brochures, postcards, logos, and more.

Web Design

Highly-effective, well-designed websites are a necessity. We will design an easily navigable site for you with a user-friendly interface to convey the message of your brand.


Our own publications include Refreshed, a faith-based lifestyle magazine for San Diego County. We also publish regional directories, a college directory and a news site.


Selah Media offers cost-effective ways to reach the faith-based marketplace. We can enhance your print & digital advertising strategy by delivering your message to this target audience.

We make you look good. By design.

When you need professional graphic design, we are ready to get creative for you.

Trying to Achieve Perfection

Selah Media Group is a creative agency dedicated to providing outstanding service with exceptional end results. We offer graphic design for most any need: Newsletters, magazines, postcards, brochures, letterhead, logo development, flyers, catalogues, print ads – whatever you need in print. Our creative team is experienced in tailoring each project to meet your specific requirements. While doing so, our highest value is placed on the quality of your end-product and, most importantly, your satisfaction. Our mission is to create messages in marketing products and ads that bring a unique visibility and distinction to your company or organization.

From a blank page
to a beautifully-crafted piece…
we make you look good.
By design.

Some of the services Selah Media Group can do for you


We can help you design ideas for your business to communicate about the products and services you offer.

Logo Design

A good logo design for your ministry or business is one of the key ways you establish yourself in the marketplace.


Printed newsletters communicate your message to your donors, clients or the business community.


Direct mail is one of the most powerful marketing tools for your business or ministry.


Brochures are one of the most powerful ways to promote your company’s products and services.

Magazine layouts

We can help you with your magazine layout to create a beautiful publication in print and digital.

Business Cards

A high-quality business card can be one of your most important and effective marketing tools.

Door Hangers

Door hangers are a great product to help get information into people’s hands in a community.

Web Design

We can develop creative, professional websites that achieve observable results.

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About Selah Media Group

There is nothing like the deep aroma of a steaming cup of coffee when the brain starts misfiring after an intense time of concentration. You’re sitting at your desk, feeling sluggish, and suddenly you sense the urge for an energy buzz. Ah, bring on that cup of java. We especially love the flavor, Jamaica Me Crazy, for its robust aroma that helps us imagine being in a tropical paradise. As the rich fragrance swirls around our heads, once again we feel those creative juices beginning to flow.

Music has an extraordinary effect on most people, both emotionally and physically, and here at Selah Media Group we are no different. When the stress is high and energy is lagging, we put in the ear buds, crank it up and let music give us some clarity. Slack-key Hawaiian music works the best, just so you know.

A study by researchers in the journal Nature Neuroscience detected a big memory boost among adults who regularly drank an antioxidant-rich cocoa beverage. Studies are also detailing the positive physical and psychological effects of chocolate. So shouldn’t we all take a chocolate break everyday to enhance memory and attitude?

For more than 30 years Selah Media Group has been serving businesses and nonprofit organizations. Besides providing graphic design services for others, Selah produced its own print and digital faith-based, regional publications. Regional directories are published for San Diego, CA, Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN and Seattle/Tacoma, WA. Refreshed, an inspirational lifestyle magazine, was distributed in San Diego, CA.

Our claim to fame is that we operated the largest regional Christian newspaper in North America from 1990 to 2014. The award-winning Christian Examiner was published in multiple regions in multiple states and circulation reached a high of 300,000+ copies in thirteen regional editions in five states at its zenith.

This site is about us. Our work is about you.

Will you allow us the privilege of coming alongside you to evaluate your graphic design needs? We want to make you look good, really good… and that is by design.