About us

Graphic Design and more

Selah Media Group is a media company that provides custom graphic design services and web development to businesses and nonprofit organizations. Selah also produces its own print and digital faith-based, regional publications.

For more than 25 years Selah Media Group was the leading Christian newspaper media company in the United States, publishing regional monthly newspapers in multiple markets throughout California, Minnesota and Washington. The Christian Examiner newspaper won numerous awards for its efforts in both print and online publishing.

In 2014 the newspaper was transformed into a full color inspirational lifestyle magazine. Refreshed magazine serves San Diego County with both print and digital editions: Refreshed San Diego.

Selah Media Group also produces regional directories for faith communities in three markets: San Diego, CA, Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, and Seattle/Tacoma, WA.

Selah Media Group provides advertisers access to the faith-based marketplace through its print publications and online properties.

Our passion for what we do transfers into our services

Our Team



Lamar is the co-owner and CEO of Selah Media Group. He has helped hundreds of businesses and organizations to communicate who they are to their target audience. Editor, designer, consultant, CFO, he is known for his business skills, integrity and diligence. He is multi-talented and capable of whatever is put in front of him. His favorite pasttime is playing fantasy football.

Primary Skills: Design, Writing, Editing, Marketing, Advertising


Creative Designer, Co Publisher

In her 30-year career in the industry, Theresa has worked in many capacities including graphic designer, business owner, web content developer, non-profit founder and general dreamer. She prefers solitude when solving problems and creating solutions. Her desk is surrounded by photos of the ocean and the beach which keep her constantly dreaming about putting her toes in the sand.

Primary Skills: Design, Marketing, Web Development, Non-profit management


Office workhorses

Actually, we have a bunch of Macs on our desks. Mac Pros, Mac Minis, MacBook Pros, iPads and iPhones. Yes, we are 100% Mac aficionados. They are our “Office Assistants” that keep our office running productively. Viruses, crashes, constant reboots, meltdowns, defrags are rare. With their efficiency we can spend more time developing what our clients need.

Does your brand need a new design?

Will you allow us the privilege of coming alongside you to evaluate your graphic design needs? We want to make you look good, really good… and that is by design.